La Palma and the days since have totally changed my life. I thought Spiritual Awakening was amazing, I thought I knew who I was but I had no idea. The emotions are rising as I type this, I am so grateful for the magic that has become my everyday experience. During the early days of the La Palma course, which is my 4th Openhand course, I felt myself going deeper and deeper as though into a long tunnel with glowing edges and eventually arrived at a place where there was nothing but also everything and perfect peace.... I understand that this is the void and must be how the universe was before there was anything. I was totally awestruck by the experience and can feel it again as I sit here. As if this wasn't enough the next day Open asked what we could see and I could clearly see a conical mountain shrouded with mist and realised I was visiting a past life experience in which I was sacrificed for some religion...the karma had reappeared in my present life as the marriage I left last year which I remembered asking the universe about a few months ago and being told it was an experience of sacrifice...mind blowing. I wondered how stupid I was to allow myself to be taken up the mountain but walking in the Caldera on La Palma later in the week and seeing a mountain very similar I could feel that it was probably an honour ...until the reality struck!!   Since coming back to the UK I had a short convulsive experience on the Sunday morning of my birthday... what a present..the next day I felt quite strange and gradually realised that I had lost a whole load of childhood programming and didn't know who I was... very interesting and unusual but really care more daily goals, no drive pushing me...who would have thought a week in La Palma could be so amazing.... someone asked how I was yesterday and I said fantastic !!!  to their surprise..the energy and the meditations are amazing. Long live Openhand and La Palma.

Namaste and so much love... enough for everyone