Thanks Open for bringing some light into the subject.  I know you would want to share more light into it so i will start with my own inquiry.

OK ... So this is going to be a bit delicate but what the hack.  It seems to be somewhat related to the article but not completely sure.  Occasionally, i get the unconscious release at night and i've had this issue for quite some time. haven't noticed any pattern to it but it i usually find myself lying on the stomach when that happens.  I have issues falling asleep on my back or sides but will keep working on it even if it means not getting some sleep.

So obviously there is some energy bleeding here and i get a feeling that some entities maybe feeding on that energy.  Not quite sure what to make of it but there are probably some convolutions at play here. So just shining some light into the dark recesses and would like to bring some alignment into the field.

Go and shine some light