Hi Anatoly, firstly it's brave and courageous that you bring awareness to the issue of sexual entities. I understand having spoken to you that what's happening is unconscious sexual release at night, which then leaves you tired and depleted.

Yes, there are 'demonic entities' in the field that prey on the activation and release of sexual energy. In mythology the female version is called the "Succubus" and the male the "Incubus". Whilst they have definitely been glamorised and demonised in the myths, there are definitely entities with similar characteristics to the mythology - I have personally encountered them in the field.

As always, the key to dealing with such intervention is awareness. And profound self honesty that it is actually taking place. Because the key weakness upon which they can enter and temporarily 'possess' is through self judgment and taboo. This can often begin from an early age as a youngster comes into puberty, where sometimes obsessive compulsive behaviour can activate, especially so with the ready availability of internet pornography.

The likelihood is that susceptibility arises from past life karma. It is the subconscious density that then attracts the entity. Either excessive misaligned sexual expression, or else the suppressive renunciation, both can lead to such susceptibility. So awareness is always the key to dissolving the intervention - awareness from the place of non self judgment. Allowing expression to happen, but then bringing aligned behaviour into it. This means there's nothing for such an entity to lock into. It has to leave ones field.

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