This is an important topic and one that may induce some fear… but it doesn’t have to! I like your take on it, Open. When we think of the ‘demonic presences’ a-matter-of-factly, as I felt you did in your article and posts, the awareness around the topic increases and we may be able to drop great chunk of the fear. The entities dwell in the murkiness, dread, guilt, paranoia, fear, self-destructive beliefs.


Open said:

So awareness is always the key to dissolving the intervention - awareness from the place of non self judgment. Allowing expression to happen, but then bringing aligned behaviour into it. This means there's nothing for such an entity to lock into. It has to leave ones field.


Being aware of the inner landscape (without fixating on it too much) is a really good advice. I find that fostering self knowledge and being aware of the possibility of the interference (without the dread or paranoia) makes a big difference. Also, suppressed emotions seem to make me more susceptible to interferences, as these things are always riding on something, the more unconscious the better (for them). I guess, if I’m leaking energy, something will eventually show up to feed on it. In my case the key energies that these entities try riding on are guilt and self-loathing. Both are major themes... gosh, getting to the bottom of this is a major excavation. Many times I found myself at the emotional bottom, just riding it out. This life is a true ride, no kidding!


As I’m writing this now, it’s becoming really clear: getting entrenched in the them-versus-us thinking may not be the best way to go about it neither… You talked about coming into the awareness from the place of non self-judgement. I'd like to expand on it adding that coming at it from the place of a general non-judgement, where we don't judge "the other side" neither, is really powerful. I realize you meant that too, but really wanted to highlight it.  Ultimately, I feel that balanced approach, without demonizing or dismissal is the way to go for me at this point. 


So, we have a tremendous power here, by working with the distortions that cause those leaks. I don’t mean to trivialize the trickiness of the interferences and the effort/perseverance required to move beyond the distortions. I guess what I’m trying to say is that ultimately our spiritual sovereignty is our right and a natural state and all else feels secondary.