You're right on the button about the entity subject Margaret - indeed OK Hand Sign

What they're able to do is create glamourised fearful imagery, anxiety and excessive emotion by working into people's fields. But really that's all! It's what it then causes a person to do to themselves that's the issue - what the fear itself causes.

When you go right into the heart of the fear, and whatever that might mean, then I find it fairly easily dispatches or realigns them. The key is to work through the self-deceiving internal loops. 

Suppression becomes a magnet too, yes, I agree. I witness that a great deal in spiritual mainstream. Someone may be efforting to maintain a certain stability on the surface, look very calm and peaceful, yet underneath there's a great deal being repressed. Usually though, with profound self honesty, the soul will speak through repressed micro-expressions - jitters and jolts for example.

A careful balance is needed. It's all about allowing the expression so as to explode the myth, but then not letting surface 'fizz' distract from the more subtle inner vibrations, which are the karmic anchors where an entity might attach. 

I was working with someone only yesterday. We sensed the presence of such an ancient entity. It was lodging within some subconscious blindspot. By working in a sauna, alternating hot and cold, turning up the internal intensity, meant that the soul could be infused through the blindspot so that the energy was released.

I'm aware people might be fearful of such material. But as I said in the lead article, awareness is the key. Profound honesty explodes the illusion every time!

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