I think itś very timely.  doesn t matter if it is popular or not...in fact...  Seems to me that the proximity to the difficult issues can directly be measured by the amount of fear, resistance, and opposition.  It is natural to block out the perception of these energies because they are terrifying, to accept that as part of this dimension.   then , if one accepts such forces exist, then one also has to accept the role of the human in the equation.  or the responsibility maybe is the better word.


My comment was, that the influence of negative energies had radically increased since sometime in 2016, and more interesting, it attracts certain people, in droves, that you would never expect to engage in negativity, but they are even delighted to cause as much distractio)or harm, if they can,  and this is becoming more widespread, attacking any buddha, or for that matter, anyone,  if they can.  Could you comment on this, perhaps thatś only my perception of this trend.   At the same time, another sector of the population is moving quickly in the other direction, and a self selecting polarization is happening, to the point where, many of us have commented that it is exhausting just going out on simple errands. 

W always have enjoyed your writings, although I come at this from a totally different direction.