Hi Upsidedownwoman, yes I think you're right - that the emergence of these entities is increasing, and has been doing so for several years. Although I do feel this is a new (deeper) phase recently. Let's be crystal clear though, these entities were ALREADY embedded within the deepest layers - it's just that they're being revealed now. 

I can recall the sense of the matrix when I first began exploring back in 2002 - it felt like a kind of sterilised lock down. So the density was bound into day-to-day living. Consider the torture of 65 billion creatures being systematically slaughtered year on year in the industrial food chain - it's heavily sanitised as generally acceptable, and yet the degree of disharmony infusing the field as a result, is almost beyond comprehension. I see that society just has had a very effective way of managing the systemised trauma - people would feel the pain, if they weren't constantly being externally distracted, or else their internal senses dampened through the systemised toxin of what masquerades as 'food'. Likewise the effect of excessive consumption was not yet fully visible within climate change - at least it was a long way from the observable effects right now.

So it was a very santised, controlled exploitation. The entities and energy behind it were well buried in the very bedrock of the system itself. There, but not visible.

Since that earlier time, various layers have been peeled off. And people's awareness is expanding in concert. Now the deepest levels of this disharmony are being exposed for all to see. Although perhaps the majority still wouldn't associate the source as being ancient entities in the field and their exploitation of it. Yes there will be a polarisation - the inflexion point of which I've spoken - where groups will try to solidify in the old status quo. Like what's visibly happened in US politics. 

The lid is definitely lifting though. Look at the Harvey Weinstein revelations, which are merely the tip of the (film industry) iceberg. These too, to my mind, are reflections of the institutionalised trauma and abuse that is prevalent at the deepest layers of the field, which are now bubbling to the surface. 

Crucially it is awareness that will shatter the grip this ancient energy has had. To this point, it's all been swept under the 'too inconvenient rug'. People were too afraid to confront it. But just look at what's now happening in terms of the empowerment of women in response to the Weinstein revelations, for example. I imagine the reflections are causing many, in all walks of life, to begin 'agitating' for the return of rightful aligned empowerment. This all supports the shift to a higher consciousness.

My general point is, that we might not wish to lift the lid on these kind of topics in the beginning. But if we have the courage to do so, then the light of awareness will wash away the disharmony over time, and unwind the apparent power of those entities that bind the old consciousness together for their own agenda.


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