The last few days have been a great time to lift the veil and I’m really glad we are having this conversation here. Thank you, Open for initiating the topic. I feel it’s changing something in the field right now, building a momentum, perhaps. And that is why I’m posting again, tonight…


Ultimately when the veil is lifted and the awareness is shone we can see “the man behind the curtain” and all that trickery that we bought into. It’s not to dismiss the manipulative skills of the interfering beings, but to take some of that energy back and look soberly at some of our self-demeaning thinking/acting patterns:


  • Looking for external solutions, love, fulfillment, validation
  • Disconnecting from the body and nature (the technology is often set up to capture our attention and pull us into a synthetic, predictable world)
  • Placing the authority on the outside, such as seeking to take on beliefs of a guru or wanting someone else to save me

I’m not trying to sound preachy. Believe me, these are points I keep watching for, every single day. Perhaps with the exception of the last one, as I have an aversion to authority, which is in itself a possible string to manipulate me, so in a way I am working on the authority issue too, yes.



Open, this stood out for me:

My general point is, that we might not wish to lift the lid on these kind of topics in the beginning. But if we have the courage to do so, then the light of awareness will wash away the disharmony over time, and unwind the apparent power of those entities that bind the old consciousness together for their own agenda.

The real commodity here is consciousness, our consciousness that is being bent (with our permission) to the others’ agenda. Something tells me to be careful again with the “them” and “us” labeling as ultimately, it all plays out as it supposed to. I just want to encourage the readers and myself to continue stepping out of the victim way of thinking and for just a moment at the time feeling into who we really truly are. The truth of our origin is out there, behind that veil. It is a commitment, but it’s so incredibly worth it!!