Hi Tasha, and anyone else tuning in, just to be clear what "entities" are to begin with: you might use the term 'entity' where the soul is embodied in some kind of energy vehicle. So a human being may also be considered an 'entity', where in this case, the soul is embodied in a physical vehicle, one that you can see, hear and touch. But there are other vehicles that a soul can be encased within - an energy vessel for example, just at a higher (or lower) frequency. You can't necessarily see or hear them, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. We live on a small planet, in a small solar system, of a small galaxy teaming with solar systems, in a Universe teaming with galaxies, one that arrays in multiple dimensions. So really it's pretty unimaginable that there wouldn't be other lifeforms pervading the field. Plenty of us are able to 'see' them, or more appropriately, intuit and sense them, especially by the trail of effects they leave.

Can such an entity work within the group field of a family or even a community? Yes. No question.

I've witnessed may occurances such as that you describe Tasha. Where a parasitic entity 'jumps' from host to host. Where it then exacerbates the energy fields of those it touches, so as to release energy, which it then assimilates. They can be highly deceptive - especially these ancient ones - it's clear they can read your energy field and push the buttons that get people attached and emotive. I've seen them able to drain the energy of whole groups that way.

But there are ways to deal with them, as I described in my article. Firstly it's about ownership, integrity and sovereignty in your own field. So taking ownership of everything you express and working to find the most aligned expression. If you spot your own triggers - it doesn't matter who triggered them - work on them internally to let go of them. That way, the entities have nowhere to attach. And in this way, an entity may be seen as having a positive effect - they bring attention to our unconscious blind spots.

Finally, when I'm working with a group, where I witness an entity having an effect on someone, I always work to see the person (and their soul) as separate from the entity itself. So I work to connect and resonate the light within the soul. It is tricky though, because you do have to confront the triggers with them aswell... "why are you acting like this or that?" It's encouraging the other to see their own triggers so they might let them go. Meanwhile working to resonate the soul.

It's not easy, no. But if you're having this kind of awareness to the situation, then you'll be able to find the path through it. Just keep trusting in the light of benevolence - it will show the way.


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