Hi everyone - I felt to raise this topic again today, about ancient entities in the field and their effect on consciousness. All the while the shift is accelerating and so the density at the bottom of the barrel is being dredged up. We're constantly hearing from people who're experiencing the phenomenon of entities and implants in their field. It's high time we brought light to this, rather than gingerly pushing it back under the 'too inconvenient' rug!

Once we have a non-dramatic framework for inquiry, we can normalise and equalise with the energy. It's when we're NOT reacting NOR denying that we can truly deal with it. The light of awareness dissolves and releases the unconsciousness. For those interested in the topic at this time, or else feel you're being effected by this intervention in some way, I'd suggest you reflect on the article above and sample the meditation. And do feel free to ask for a reflection here. I will gladly support.

Wishing you all well - let the light of consciousness bring deep centred peace!

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