One of the essential things I had to consider when switching to a conscious plant based diet, was how to transition to healthy gut microbiotic bacteria. So if you've eaten a reasonable amount of animal protein in your life, or plenty of processed food, the likelihood is that the microbiotics in the gut will be in a pretty poor state, and more configured to animal protein - they will be more acidic. It tends to cause many problems such as leaky gut, low absorption of minerals and vitamins, loss of energy, excessive appetite leading to weight gain, piles from excessive processed sugar, ulcers in the stomach and mouth. So we will need to work on transforming the chemistry of the gut back to a healthy and aligned state once more.

I think one of the reasons some people struggle to persist with a plant-based diet in the beginning, is because the gut then tends to detox, which can cause all manner of unpleasant and challenging side effects. As the clearing takes place, it's highly possible you'll feel worse before feeling better. But it's no reason to turn back! A healthy gut chemistry is utterly essential to health, wellness and expansion of consciousness.

The impetus to switch for me was strong, so as soon as I'd had my awakening/incarnation experience, the switch was immediate. The biggest challenge I faced by far, was realigning the gut microbiotics and it took several years to fully achieve.

It involved plenty of green juices, water fasting at times, taking acidophilus supplements, eating sauerkraut (stewed cabbage). I found it essential to focus on eating as much alkalising foods as possible... Pears, grapes, Kale, Cabbage, Celery. I found avocados great for healthy fat, which also seemed to support a more smooth transition.

If you've eaten a dense animal protein diet, and your energy is quite strongly catalytic, like mine, you may then find you'll need to consume plenty of denser plant based alternatives: chick peas, lentils, nuts, sweet potato, pumpkin and grains such as quinoa and millet (these I found much more strongly alkalising than rice for example).

I've only provided an insight here. For me it involved a focussed inquiry over some considerable time - but the beneficial effect on consciousness has been nothing short of miraculous. So I invite you to consider this essential aspect of transition to a conscious diet.

In loving support

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