Hi All! Great article and such important and helpful points!

I have recently been drawn to the importance and benefits of a healthy inner landscape...one with a diverse population of bacteria and fungi. Just as a healthy soil deters disease and certain unwanted bugs in the garden or on the planet as a whole. A healthy inner environment allows the 1/2 of a human hair's thick gut membrane to stay in tact and stay strong in the face of the plethora of toxins in the environment. I recently learned that 99% of neurotransmitters are created in the gut and 95% of the body's serotonin lie in the gut...things like glyphosate (round up) are being shown to have massive impacts on plants production of amino acids and as a result affect our bodies ability to produce serotonin, dopamine and others.

I was shocked when I hear that these bacteria and fungi actually facilitate cell to cell communication within our bodies in the same way that they communicate through the soil.  What's astounding about this is something an Amercian, Dr. Zach Bush shares...that when cells undergo some form of damage from the sun for example, if the communication network is healthy in the body (which mirrors Soul Connection), then the damaged cell can be released - it recognizes due to the healthy reflections that it's time to let go and a new stem cell replaces the old one. If the communication is not online, the cell is isolated - believing it's the last one - not realizing it is intricately connected to the whole...it will divide and populate to survive. What an amazing mirror! If there is a healthy refelction of truth then we can let old programs go, and come into alignment with who we are. So cool how these things are mirrored on a cellular level!!

I was also recently reading about the importance of breathing diverse natural environments. With modern lifestyles it's great to be out in any natural environment at all - but the diversity of fungi and bacteria found in different ecosystems is very beneficial. 

Something fascinating that scientific communities are accepting is that there is no true "bad" bacteria or even "bad" parasite or fungi..it is being shown that the body actually is drawing these bacteria, parasites etc as a last stitch effort to generate health ...it seems these seemingly bad bacteria etc generate byproducts that benefit the body in a way that the barren sterile environment does not. So interesting when you reflect on the way that experiences - even OC intervention, bring attention to and call for a return to health - to conscious wholeness.

With regard to fermented foods - I recently started making sauerkraut...sooooo easy to make at home!!!! And affordable! Organic cabbage and salt to be really simple...but can add other veggies, garlic, herbs...look up online you will be surprised how easy it is to make yourself. Going to try making coconut kefir - I always thought that was only a dairy product but I recently was shown new possibilities. 

Ok -this stuff has been sooo exciting and connecting for me so just passing along.

With lots of love,