How interesting that also your experience right now is very synchronistic! I felt a call to write this piece - in between a busy work schedule - on fasting methods as a means to better health and well-being and as a means to 'burn off' karmic processes. From experience and also reading on research I find this fascinating! I have been doing intermittent fasting for some time now and it really serves...looking forwards to sharing this piece soon here.

First let me say how much I honour your inquiry and calling to change how you eat - Praying EmojiBig Tuna three bows! I feel from experience that the Soul's Heart is eager to re-align for harmony in/for all beings. It is also eager to break through and challenge collective oppressive narratives of consumption that put animals as 'food' on a plate. 

And then you share:

I can feel toxins beings released and all the emotions that use food as a shield are now being seen and need processing ( I have been up since 3 am attempting to do just that) .it feels as if deep karma is being addressed .

Yes! Big process isnt it? I have been there. And SO worthwhile to unravel and open up! I find this is a) a uniquely individual process with emotional ebs and flows; and b) a collective karmic process that is called to be unpacked and felt through. Open posted a beautiful video on The pain of separation (Longing) today. To me its this underlying pain that 'comfort eating' (including other behaviours) often on particular 'food substances' attempts to numb. There is a lot to say here but for now, what I find interesting is how fasting in particular for me and Im sure other 'cleanse' protocols like the one you mention Megha, deeply illuminates and mobilises a complex physical, mental, social, historical and spiritual process that is calling each and everyone of us to re-align our relationship to ourselves, other people, animals and the planet. To me again, its not merely a better way to health and well-being but a revolutionary way to deeply dive into Karma (individual, collective, planetary) so as to come forth with Right Loving Action for all and express a New Paradigm!

Sending courage your way Megha for you are held in love by your own body, your own cells who know how to evolve through  a natural process of self (I) -disintegration - the small 'I'  ;) Heart