I have just done my 1st 36 hour dry fast! Although again like the 24 hour dry fast, I didn't notice any layers peeling away , I am amazed that I managed to do this even while sitting by my partner who was eating sandwhiches! ( not that I would eat them anyway!) I found it fairly easy and had so much time to just BE , but it pushed me ....

I hadn't even planned to do it. I woke up in the morning and felt the pull to try it. I plan to do a 36 hour dry fast once a month and a 24 hour dry one weekly . Hopefully something will shift . I think my stuff is so deep rooted that I need a sledge hammer to shift or unpeel all the layers!

An area I am questioning is why I haven't cried in over 20 years! Even when my parents died I didn't cry . And I was close to them.

All those years ago , when my parents were alive , I had moved to a new area on my own and felt alone and 'depressed' and started to cry and then I thought if I cry I will feel even worse , so I decided not to cry anymore and now I can't cry . That's one of the reasons why I am trying these dry fasts.