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Lisa, it is very inspiring how you have challenged and are challenging yourself with the dry fast like this. There may not be 'noticeable' layers peeling away, though I would say that many qualities of soul are coming through and embodied like - I imagine - determination, resolve, willfulness, surrender etc. To me, these soul qualities are not only the 'result', if you like, of breaking through density, they also 'come to hold oneself' when karmic/dense layers arise. Therefore, embodying these during a dry fast for example is very valuable. Also, very often, I have discovered that, there will be subtler layers arising before big layers emerge and frequent meditation and  'just being' as you said - I will add consciously - during a fast will catalyse this.

You share here:

All those years ago , when my parents were alive , I had moved to a new area on my own and felt alone and 'depressed' and started to cry and then I thought if I cry I will feel even worse , so I decided not to cry anymore and now I can't cry . That's one of the reasons why I am trying these dry fasts.

When my father died I was 8 years old and I didn't cry. I didn't cry for many years. Everybody around me as a child - mother, brother - would cry, so it felt like I 'should' be the strong one in the family and there and then I repressed a lot, so as to protect myself from the pain and to also 'protect' the family. A hardening happens, like walls around the pain and I have found that the opening and the breaking down of walls happens in waves - some are subtle and some are big waves... life will create the conditions for the walls to break down ...

I used to 'push myself' if you like by combining intense meditation retreats alone with intermittent fasting (one very small meal per day). 'Feeling alone' and 'depressed', well I am very well acquainted with these guests in my consciousness. One day in meditation at home - that was a few years ago... though the waves still come but subtler or/and deeper - I was feeling alone and sad and I just sat with it for 3 hours! Totally surrendered to 'it', crying happened while staying with the physicality of the experience. At the same time, whenever a conditioned thought/belief arose in my mind I would just 'see' it and feel the effect of it in my physicality and energy. I was witnessing and feeling at the same time. 'Feeling alone and sad' lifted and I found myself laughing and feeling bright.  So, a big wave came to shore to dissolve itself...

On a slightly different note, Next week Im doing a 24 hour dry fast, as promised. Would you like to synchronise?? What day are you dry fasting? May be we can do it together? Would love the support :)