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Hi Aspasia, 

Hey ! So glad to know you did it!  And you were working....

Today I did 75 minutes of kundalini yoga and a meditation . I relistened to a few of Open's videos .

Bizarrely last night I felt like tidying up and dusting! ( a rare feeling) so I made the most of it . I seemed to have more energy both last night and today . 

I broke the fast with a lymph buster juice, grapefruit , oranges and lemon . I sat in the garden sipping it . It tasted divine! ?

No spiritual unfoldings...

I must say I find it quite easy doing the  24 hour dry fast once I've set my mind to do it. I've only done one 36 hour dry fast and that stretched me . Not sure I want to do it again for a while but I'd be interested to know how you get on . 

Lots of love to you ?, Lisa 

Ps I live in North Devon . Where do you live in Devon?