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Hey Lisa, thank you :) have been lovely to feel your etheric presence fasting with me :) Your meditation and yoga sound fantastic! Oh yes, I was full on working too but that was perfectly ok for a 24 h fast. During the weekend I am not working so it will be more 'relaxed'.

I resonate with the bursts of energy during this fast, I went for a walk for example.

My 3 day fast will be a combination of water x 1 day and 2 dry because I will go hiking on Dartmoor, so I will be active - will see.

Re: spiritual unfoldings, may I ask how were you stretched with the 36 hour dry fast? Would you say that there were certain unfoldings happening then or not?

With a lot of Love xx

P.S. Oh, we are close :) I live just 10 minutes outside Exeter in Upton Pyne but soon moving towards most likely South Devon. I often work up in Barnstaple and Bideford :)