Greetings Openhanders,

Since we came back from our retreat in Tofo, my girls, sister and I have obviously been sharing our experiences as we go along and have been holding each other’s hands.

We have also stayed in touch, where we can, with people who went to the same Openhand retreat as ours.

one of thois topic among us isconscious eating and having listened Open’s passionate and loving speak on how we are what we eat; in that we need to be lovingly conscious of what we consume, really resonated with all of us.


Here we have been, happily living the good ol’fashioned “African” way as we have known it - where slaughtering cows, goats and sheep is a way of life in our rural communities and even urban ones.


I must add that slaughtering these animals plays significant roles in our cultures traditions, which until now, was all very normal and all part of it, and it’s all very worrying that we are so in the dark about so much about consciousness and being our authentic selves.


Reading the many conversation on this thread brings both comfort and absolute panic, to be honest.


With consciousness comes responsibility, in as much as Open was clear that we are not obligated to anything or anyone (well if that’s applies in this context, I don’t know), but when I look at my loving adorable-I-could-hug-and-kiss-them-all-day-Family, I can’t help but want and need a paradigm shift for them.


When I see the weather changing, life changing with natural diasaters and curious weather patterns, it makes me worry about humanity and our soul brothers and sisters out there who aren’t as enlightened or even aware as most Openhanders clearly are.


Just reading I’m thinking oh my word! Eeek! Even the water we drink causes density so I am going to waterman (they sell all sorts of water products) tomorrow to enquire about, and hopefully get a reverse osmosis tap thingamabob.

In truth, yes my eating patterns have altered and I am being aware and have only just managed to cut out red meat for now and feeling terrible that I am not at the point where being a vegan will not feel like an effort.


But through reading and realizing that it’s been a journey for you,has been an is very encouraging. so keep up the great effort and do touch lives around you. You never know who is reading/watching and getting inspired.