Thanks for joining the inquiry Monica and Paul. So how I work with this, is to expand my field as a bridge, to feel the energies that are blocked and to intuitively inquire from higher guidance activations that can help unravel the blockages.

So Monica a couple of things spiked for me in what you said. Dealing with this first...


I'm able to identify a pattern, and how it evolved since my childhood.  I'm practising looking at it with compassion. While focusing on it with compassion, a keyword has emerged. "Must forget" 

Yes, as I read the first part of your post, it immediately came to mind that this was something to do with what happened in childhood. Where might you have been repressed in some way? Was it by parents? I'd suggest exploring into the generality of how they were with you. Was what you did ever good enough? Or else was it too good? (which can lead to a kind of mollycoddling).

And then also explore into what the fear might be of succeeding? If you succeeded, what would that mean?

I invite you to regress into both situations and work to touch the internal blocking feelings. However I question why "do it with compassion"? What does that mean internally for you? The risk of approaching the source pain "with compassion" is to actually block the rawness and magnitude of the feeling - the risk is to block it down. It's essential to unleash and fully express the feeling, even with anger if that feels authentic, in order to process it. Then to use the Breakthrough approach to deal with it...

  1. Confront the truth of the situation (by accepting it and regressing into it)
  2. Express the feelings you touch with emotion, movement, music
  3. Become as One with the experience - meaning to totally accept it to the degree you don't need to change it
  4. Look for the fragment of soul gold that now wants to come through - unleash the expression through breathing, movement and expression

See how this goes and then let me know what you experience. Work around the feelings of repression and fear of success. See how it goes.

With love

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