Haha, ‘hoovering up the shit’, what an unglamorous role to have (and why do these 'energy hoovers' not seem to come with an on/off button!)! Here I can feel some envy towards people with more glamorous roles of grand visions and understandings J.

Sallie, it would indeed be nice to connect privately about this trait that we seem to share, my email address is in my facilitator profile, so do drop me a line if you wish to connect.

Like Jennaya, I would also be interested to hear more about developing more natural and flexible working boundaries. Open you wrote:

I also find that when just about anyone comes into my field, if I connect with them, my energy starts to activate their field.....  It's essential to have strong, but flexible boundaries - ones that can open up to be, and work, with someone where it might bear fruit. But for the boundary to naturally retract where not.’

This is where I still struggle and I am not sure I always have a boundary that retracts when hoovering up the shit might not bear fruit (and thus hoovering up much more shit than necessary!). Particularly, how I can have strong, flexible boundaries, but without ‘intentionally’ creating them. It seems so easy to aim for putting up some kind of ‘bubble of light’ or other kind of ‘artificial’ boundaries, to keep some of the not so pleasant energies of others out, but I know that doesn’t serve either. So how can I distinguish the line between ‘intentional’ and natural boundaries? Sometimes I wonder whether I am too conscious of not trying to intentionally manifest things that I end up judging and therefore discarding natural processes/boundaries as intentional.

For example, this week I had a meeting with a work colleague, with whom the interaction felt heavy. At some point I think I must have connected with his field and started feeling quite strange and unsettled inside, as if I could start shaking any time. These are the moments that I always get a little bit confused about what to do and how to deal with the energies I feel inside my body, and wish that my boundary could naturally retract from it. However, most of the time in such situations I am left feeling depleted and knocked out for the rest of the day, unless I spend a considerable amount of time processing the unsettled energies I feel afterwards (for which there isn’t always room/time at work). And I am always left with this question whether I just have to accept that I somehow came here to do exactly that or rather that with some stronger boundaries I might not always have to do so …..