Hey Aspasia!


Your story brought here, your moment in time with this is just beautiful to me. Animals really do bring the most profound into our lives don't they!


Makes me just want to sit with you and hold my hands out for you. Smile and bring shine through the tears. Cats, animals in general really do bring amazing gifts to our lives don't they?!


Thank you so much for sharing this, if it wasn't for the newsletter this morning that I received I don't think I would of known this was even here. To me it seems that you have now gained a very loving guardian in spirit.


Ok before I go getting so wordy here I'll just say thank you again for sharing this and that I'm sending you so much love!



p.s anyone interested about a story of a dying child, saved by a kitten that came out of nowhere with a tail that looked like a lightning strike?! True story.. all my stories are nearly unreal, yet truth. Otherwise I think I'll just sit and weave a basket full of love for ya'll instead.