Hi All =)

Wow - Aspasia - thank you for the beautiful and tender sharing of your cat's transition. It was deeply touching to hear about your connection <3.

I love all of your stories of your power animals...Incidentally I popped in a new shop yesterday in an area of town I am not usually in and it was called "The White Owl". =)

For me the bee has been assisting me. She has come up over and over lately...in uncanny ways. At the same time, I am feeling inspired to form community around what inspires me. Right now that's looking like gathering some people I know and friends of theirs that may resonate to select a book and gather to work with the energies evoked...so some discussion, but then to also meditate and express creatively what has been brought up. Everyone can bring a vegan dish and we can start building a soulful conscious community - I know it will evolve and this feels like an exciting starting point. 

The bee is about community, but to me also a bit of magic, harmony, balance, creativity and defying logic. Creative expression feels so important to me at the moment...and sharing in that with others - drawing together a tribe of sorts. 

Much love,