Hey all!


I am surrounded by animals every day. I have a squirrel that is as dear to my heart as my own children are. She reminds me to be playful, learn to trust and yet forge ahead. Lately the robins have learned what the squirrels and ducks do. They come to whatever room I'm in, in my home and start pecking at the window. So I fix them treats and just sit a moment with them to say hello. I have a large amount of crows around me as well, and they always get very panic stricken whenever a hawk flies to close. But the hawk for me always comes to bring messages and to warn of any danger. Then there are the wolves and mythical creatures that always seem to come up one way or another in my life. Lately it feels like animals are gathering near me in larger numbers though. What this means, I've no idea other than maybe they just need to or perhaps I'm getting more and more evolved and am able to convert positively any catalyzing that needs to be done.


I reflected yesterday on how many animals have always seemed to just surround me. Now I can see why people I know eventually start trying to call me Mother Nature, or some other fairy tale name. Yes, it makes me laugh when they do but the reflection of that is what exactly is it. So I go with the old adage, it honestly does take one to know one I suppose :)


I do have to say though, the most phenomenal of all the animals I have ever had the pleasure to meet would be my first kitten. I was very young and the first conversation my Dad and I had about me having an animal was in a hospital, named Woodland of course. The conversation took place one minute to midnight of a birthday for me. Basically if I made it out alive lol! Obviously I did and so when I was able to, we went to an animal shelter and as I looked around at all the cats on the floor I remember feeling very overwhelmed. How could I pick just one. Then literally out of the ceiling came a kitten that plopped down onto my Dads back. I can still feel the joy of seeing this kitten, he was pure black and his tail was all crooked like a lightening strike.

A year later, my Dad had to leave for awhile and so left my sisters and I with a woman whom was wheelchair ridden. She was driving me to an appointment and instead of the appointment, drove straight into another vehicle at 45mph. Needless to say, out of the car through the windshield and onto the pavement was not going to be conducive to me staying alive. Yet, the universe had other plans. Two cars ahead of us was an ambulance and two cars behind was a newspaper reporter. My cat from there on out slept on top of my forehead, would hiss at anyone that came close and followed me everywhere, even refusing to let me get into a vehicle without him. Yet he always asked permission first before jumping up onto whatever furniture piece I was on. I'm sure him and I would have had a long long walk together, but I had to leave for awhile to another state and when I got back the woman that was caring for us said he just disappeared. I never liked her, but I was always as kind as I could possibly be and so many years later I happened upon her again at a street intersection. I recognized her immediately and said Hello, do you remember me?! Because I remember you. Her mind was not as it was though and there was much I wanted to do and say, but instead I helped her across the road and went on my way. It seems to me as I reflect back on all of this, so many people in my life have been like this woman. Come into my life, have a few moments then leave only to circle back again in some roundabout way before leaving again. I call it instant karma and leave no trace behind and try at least to enjoy every moment. The woman reminds me that no matter what happens in life, not to be debilitated by the circumstances. She was not crippled, but chose to be. Yet through her action, my left side was very blank for many years, I had amnesia, am partially deaf and left with an L shaped scar on my forehead for which kids used to say it was for losers. I'm a tough nut to crack though and always just said nope.. its for Love :)