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Wow Wynde! Very touched by your sharing!

You say that the "Animal Kingdom just surrounds me", well, to me, it sounds like you have the 'touch of Cosmic Earthiness' :) Every single encounter with any/every animal - including the ones who humans exploit like cows, chickens, sheep, pigs and so on - is a call to see & embody the universe in & through their eyes as they reflect this back to us. Mother Cosmic Nature indeed you are!



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Its funny you mentioned the Robin in your home because yesterday late in the evening I had a guest robin in the kitchen looking for their food - I keep food for birds. They do come in very often when I leave the door open. :)

And your personal story with your black kitten speaks to me very deeply...

My cat from there on out slept on top of my forehead, would hiss at anyone that came close and followed me everywhere, even refusing to let me get into a vehicle without him. Yet he always asked permission first before jumping up onto whatever furniture piece I was on. I'm sure him and I would have had a long long walk together, but I had to leave for awhile to another state and when I got back the woman that was caring for us said he just disappeared.

To me, and because I love inquiry, your cat was guarding and amplifying your Higher Self, the Great Spirit within - so tenderly. I can imagine your cat saying... "Nope! its for Love!"

What a spiritual lesson to have experienced - instant karma you called it:

The woman reminds me that no matter what happens in life, not to be debilitated by the circumstances

I also add INSPIRING!

Its (for) Love xx