Dear Aspasia , 

It was wonderful to read about your story with your beloved cat Matty . I truly loved it - touched me deeply inside . Synchronistically , last week , i had the custody of a friend's black cat i only saw once around Christmas . This time , i had the real pleasure to get into a real deep connection with him & it felt amazing to see how he behaves in a new house . At one point , i felt " this cat is a special being  " because he would do things that i had never witnessed with a cat like : lying in the kitchen sink or the bath tub . He made me laugh more than once and i sort of learned through reflections what he was here to convey : lightness of being , having fun for no reason , doing things the way others don't , kindness , and a serious sense of adaptation to a new environment . It was a very unexpected experience that i truly cherish . In the same time , there have been bees coming into my sleeping room nearly every day for the past 2, 3 weeks and pigeons seem to appear whenever i go for a while now - sometimes flying not far from the car  ( in my knowing and thanks to Open's insights from last summer school - i know they appear to express Pleiadian's presence and support ) . This last winter , its was the Bear energy that came in - to express a special phase of inner retreat for special processing during those 3 months . What i do understand is that Animal totems came into our lives for specific reasons at specific important times . Thats exactly how i feel a connection just to ones i mentioned . Once in a while , a beautiful Robin will appear ( Express yourself fully ) , a Crow ( beware of your shadow side ) or a Ladybug " connection to the Divine feminine ) .I also often hear the sweet Owl that must be living nearby during the night time - so special to connect with .  Few weeks ago , suddenly , a beautiful flow of Dolphin signs came in and as i was just often into different places , they still appeared so delicately .  I truly love those guys ( I beleive they hold a frequency that is connected to the energy of the planet Sirius like Whales are ) - the express intelligence , speed , fun , laughter , living in groups , and capable of recognizing many different frequencies . The Us Naval army tried to use them as a Sonar Radar for many years ...but it pains my heart to know how poorly they were treated during those experimentations . Right now , those brothers are making me feel like they are supporting this uplifting phase of my life - specially after a 3 month period of deep regression and tough inner explorations . I now live with a consciousness that offers the pull to protect , honor and deeply love any animal that i might encounter . If those beautiful beings weren't here with us , i sense that life would be way less enjoyable and way more difficult to live . Lets keep on connecting with those different worlds as one . So much love , Bluehopi Jean