I’ve going through many changes and realizations these few months. I keep most to myself as I haven’t felt that I should share or reach out. Not the time. So many synchronicities, like the subject of animal totems. I had a very vivid dream a couple of months ago, I don’t recall the whole thing but I was was running, or soaring. I heard a screeching above me and when I looked, a huge beautiful owl was looking at me. I say he, because I felt a masculine energy, extended his legs and talons. I was frightened at first and started to look away but then I felt a calm wash through me, he wasn’t attacking me, he was joining me, so I raised my arm and we became one. I don’t remember anything else.  Weeks later I’ve noticed a change in my thinking and fears and I remembered the dream. No matter what is happening in the world right now, I still feel pain for what many are going through but also bouts of overwhelming love. I know that everything will always be okay, we will be okay, that has been a message I’ve received many times throughout my life.

Tonight as I go about my normal routine, I felt a pull to put my headphones in and listen to music. The song I felt to listen to is one I’m sharing here. https://youtu.be/rh-qLt6qYnI

no matter where we are on this journey, the connection and fact that we’re all going through this life here together is of comfort. Never alone, never give up, and always feel the love.