I love the energy I feel when I read your sharing on your animal connection in the dream To See - very powerful! I felt a sense of Trust and Faith coming through it. I am always amazed and humbled at the transformations that happen every time when we really connect with an animal guide either in 'real' life or in dreams and other dimensions. I was up on Dartmoor, UK yesterday and found a cosy spot on a tor overlooking a big valley, vast hillsides and a river flowing through. Beautiful, open blue skies on the horizon and I felt myself flying with the birds among the clouds...so, makes me smile to read about your dream.

The transformative insight you had/been having feels special:

I still feel pain for what many are going through but also bouts of overwhelming love (...) no matter where we are on this journey, the connection and fact that we’re all going through this life here together is of comfort. Never alone, never give up, and always feel the love.

 I feel supported by your message and very Trusting - feels at Home. Thank you. And so is the song you chose - these words are awesome:

My soul is stretching through the roots to memories of You (...) The promise you made (...) the promise to survive, persevere and thrive (...) And dare to rise, fill the world with life!