Im overflown by squirrel energy! Yesterday I took a very late evening walk in the woods up on Dartmoor and it was heaving with squirrels gathering food for the winter. Its a rare sight to see brown squirrels in this woodland because the rangers kill them, they consider them to be pests (the legacy of the herding culture we are living!, to say the least!).

And here I am meditating, lying down on the roots of a beautiful tree with the Stillness of the sounds of a stream just a few feet away. Im appreciating the Stillness and Silence that comes from the change of season, inviting a time of solitude and listening to the wisdom and feelings within. It encourages a rediscovering of one's own unique dreaming and inner richness.


I then hear a squirrel calling and running down the bark of the tree...well, towards me. He stops just about 8 feet away from my face and I see him carrying a nut in his mouth. He starts shaking his bush tail looking at me inquisitively...calling his song...hesitating to come down on the ground... checking me out, and finally after a few moments of exploration he decides to go back up :) What a wonderous connection! Very honoured to come so close to his energy!

Apparently, squirrels as a power animal are related to resources. I checked on my book Medicine Cards and found a bit more.

Squirrels are about being prepared and storing and gathering energy for times of need. Honouring your future by reading yourself for change. Lighten your load if you have gathered too many 'things' that  do not serve you. Things like emotions, thoughts, worries, pressures, stuff. Shows a safe place to put your gatherings (wisdom, clarity, care) : in an untroubled heart and mind. All will be taken care of in its own time.


Wise Love