I loved reading about the kitten Matty (especially because my dog Mulder gave me a very similar experience and it was lovely to read about yours), the owl energy, ladybugs, squirrels (awesome, my day of birth celebrates National Squirrel Day, lol!)...winged creatures being my favorite (I have been told that my totem is a hummingbird)...lately, I have had an ewe visiting me (female sheep) and it is a bit baffling.  I am not, in any way, a "sheepish" person and I am hoping, since it appears you have some vast knowledge regarding the spirit animals, that you might offer some clarity as the crazy mind I have can only think of ways to write baffling poems about palindromes, because the "name" I see is ewe rather than sheep and my word brain won't stop...what could this possibly be telling me?  I wrote a poem last night, that I will share just to show you how "nuts" this has me, lol!  I am laughing at myself, yet still full of curiosity for any information that any of you can offer :)

EWE ~ A poem by Aphroheidi


My spiritual DeLorean

Coming back to the future,

delving into the past.

EWE, you are here and there,

while I stay everywhere;

yet present in this moment.

The field is so green!

The sun is bursting!

Clouds  appear brighter,

bring the rain.


Washing away,


EWE, it beads off of EWE.

Almost a palindrome 

Nipson Anomimata Mi Monan Opsin

Hey EWE, Don't get Aibohphobia on my count..

1, 2, 3...