I think the "Matty" was an auto-correct, lol!, because that is my friend's name in my phone and I was referring to your sweet story :)  

I just want to thank you so much for the information about sheep!  I thought about looking on the internet, but I find that without a reputable source it can sometimes send me spinning and then I get caught up in things that really have nothing to do with my path, lol!  I did not think too much about the Ewe's visit as it seemed out of place for me...I was thinking "flock" because of my current endeavors within my community, trying to create common unity with my local community members...I liked that idea and stuck with it for a few days, but then could not get the dang palindromes out of my head because I am a word geek, :)...When I read your posts (and that of everyone else) I realized that you guys are a "reputable" source and that my path is closely entwined with all of you, so I took the chance of asking and you certainly provided some answers :)  I am so grateful.  

the very first characteristic you mentioned truly grabbed my attention, because lately I have been having a bunch of dreams with people from my past (WAAAAY back, lol!) and I have surprised myself in remembering them and the experiences we shared.  I have an eidetic memory, but I had thought that years of stress, chemo, pot, not sure what else, lol! had decreased the ability, but since the intensive I think what decreased it was my not having faith in my own intuition, which can really mess with any ability one gets from the source, I believe.  I also really connected with the maternal part of the ewe, not merely because I am a mother and a doula, but because I even feel maternal towards the participants of my programming where I work as well as the mental health clubhouse I am starting...I tend to feel a warmth of love when I care for something or someone and I care more than almost anyone I know...to the point that it has been painful at times and that is one of the things I am currently working on in the breakthrough techniques.  

I feel like I am happy about exploring some of those other sheep/ewe/ram energy things you have mentioned as well...I don't find that these totem animals show up just for kicks ;)

As a side point the eyes gave me a chuckle, because my little brother is deathly afraid of goats because "their eyes freak me [him] out", lol!  When you mentioned that they can even see behind them it brought me, once again, to how my past keeps showing up in my dreams...I am going to keep exploring that and came up with a fun idea for my program participants, that you inspired :)  I am thinking that it might be a fun activity to create a "mix-tape" playlist that is sort of like a "vision board" (similar to what the Native Americans use, but also what seems popular in spiritual mainstream these days), but is actually an "audio board" of their life experiences.  I love how Open always mentions "that song that you feel like is being played just for you and what you need in that moment" and how that is a synchronicity lighting our path...I think that putting together a playlist of the songs that do that for each of us as individuals (in one of our peer group settings) would be fun, possibly cathartic, possibly even healing?...I am going to think on it further and I will let you know if I get anywhere with it.

Anyhow, I appreciate ewe *wink *wink...I do, seriously, appreciate you Aspasia :)  

Thank you,


"This light of mine is your reflection"