I always used to enjoy reading Openhand posts.  I have purchased some meditations in the past , with difficulty, since it seems I'm closed out of downloading them because I have multiple devices!  In the past, I worked with someone who sent them to me a different way, so I could download them.  But, this last time - and I'm assuming again now, as I want so  much to download the Openhand Bow ( which I used to see, for free ) - the support team did nothing to help me in the same way I was helped in the past!  I've been doing energy work,and spiritual work for decades, yet they told me that I apparently wasn't "ready" for this information, since I was having trouble downloading it the way they sent it!   The example they sent me to help me download it, in no way matched what was appearing on my screen.  I tried telling them that, but ended up just being refunded, since they made no further effort to help me download it - unlike someone had in the past.   Is there any way someone can help me to purchase and DOWNLOAD this material?