Great to have you tuned in Margaret & Joanne - and others out there. Thumbs Up Sign

We had a great first day. Because the group was smaller, the expansions were deeper and faster, so there have been some powerful openings - beautiful experiences all round, and some heart warming connections. It feels simply heavenly!

All of these courses are unique. They each have their own vibe - each session comes from a connection to the flow itself, and allowing that to guide the show. I do have a basic outline to it, and practices that I know from experience work exceedingly well, but how each process develops and unfolds, is a part of the 'great mystery' that we're working hard to harness and amplify. I just love being in that uncertainty and vulnerability - it's where all the miracles arise from!

It's not always been that easy to live within the uncertainty and vulnerability though! It did take some time to get there. When you realise that it's an essential aspect of the path itself, then at some point, there will come the commitment to always surrender into it in the moment. Progressively doubt and fear dissolve, but it is quite a journey into that level of acceptance and surrender. Surely then, the magic kicks in, and you realise its the only place to really be.

Yesterday was stunning - we were in guided meditation, journeying right back to the emergence of the cosmos from the infinite potential of the One. Then exploring the evolution of life, and our intimate interconnection with it. We had the door to the forest and creek open. At one point, as we bowed into the energy and sat up to allow free flow of soul (as in the Openhand Bow), the breeze outside suddenly built up, as if from nowhere, and swept through the meditation room! 

And at another point, I was speaking about the synchronicity of interconnectivity, to which the birds outside began to respond. We having a lovely dialogue with them!

So for those tuning in, I felt to share this article for you to consider as you approach your day. See how "Flying on the Wings of Vulnerability" might help you overcome fear and doubt, and open into that incredible potential of the Universe. Have a great day! The Sun EmojiOK Hand SignPraying Emoji

"Come to the edge" he said,
"We can't, we are afraid" they said,
"Come to the edge" "We can't, we will fall"
"Come to the edge" and they came and he pushed them and they flew.

Guillaume Appollinaire


How to Overcome Doubt and Fear by Flying on the Wings of Vulnerability