It is a lovely vibe here indeed. It's a relatively small group, so the connections are extra deep and a lovely camaraderie is building in the group - lots of warm and open hearts.

Yesterday we got deep into Openhand's "spiritual compass", and particularly the part "opening into blockages". This is fundamental to the Openhand work. I often witness in the 'spiritual mainstream' that there's a tendency to specifically aim for the 'love and light' experiences. The risk is, this simply creates another identity and a 4D bubble that people disassociate into. I wrote recently about that in this article...

The Flowing Path of Enlightenment and the "Non-Duality" Bubble

Imagine the soul as a hot air balloon. When you connect into the mainstream of the soul's energy, it's often going to feel like a rising expansiveness - it starts to flow through the dimensions back toward the source - what we might call "Ascension". But as it does so, it will pull on any karmic tethering which is anchoring it to the ground (to the lower dimensions). When you 'pull on' this tethering, it's going to stir up discomfort, tightness, anxiety and fear - all those subconscious limitations that keep the lower aspect of self attached into the lower densities. If you truly wish to liberate and empower the soul, then it's essential to activate and get into this tethering so as to process it out.

So that's exactly what we were getting into yesterday. I regressed the group into various challenging karmic experiences which I could feel activating. We're then using the 9 Step Openhand Healing Approach to work through it - it's an expansion of the more simplified Breakthrough Approach (which is only 4 steps).

Here's a breakdown of the 9 step approach, which is explained in detail in the 5GATEWAYS book...

  • 1. Confront the situation: you must first accept and completely acknowledge the truth of what is happening in your world. Get thoroughly used to observing yourself and accepting responsibility for your feelings in relation to what is going on in the situation. If you get tight, angry or wound up, acknowledge it. If someone is steamrollering your truth and that feels unpleasant, witness that too. Do not shy away from, or paper over, any inner retraction caused by events and other people in the outside world. By the Law of Attraction you have manifested them anyway, so as to confront and break through such a limitation. Embrace that.
  • 2. Regress deeply into the feelings of the situation: it may not be appropriate for you to deal with the feelings in the moment they are coming up - you could be at work for example, in public or looking after your children. It is important not to suppress and dissolve the feelings, but rather to contain them: you get the sense that they are inside you, but you are on top of them and can manage them. When the timing is more appropriate (and as soon as possible), regress yourself deeply into the feelings once more: see the images, feel the feelings, let them come up inside.
  • 3. Honour and express the pain: essentially this source pain is caused where your soul identifies somehow with the illusion of separation and the need for a particular outcome – where the soul is not self-realised (not realising of the One). However, if you honour the pain by fully expressing it in some way, then you become 'as-one' with it – you relocate the lost nugget of soul gold that was buried there and you reintegrate as the One. Honouring the pain might mean shouting and screaming, crying, rolling up into a ball, beating a punch bag or cushion, writing a journal or dancing and moving. Listen to your soul, and do whatever you feel given to do.
  • 4. Break through with presence: when the source pain is at its height, when you can truly locate and feel it within your body, such that it is becoming excruciating, then paradoxically, you are ready to become the One through it; you are on the very precipice of presence. Remind yourself that all experience is relativistic and therefore transient – it does not define who you are. What you are, is absolute pure potential, beyond the pain. At this point, there will be some key (such as a word, mantra, a visualisation or symbolic metaphor) to help you ‘open the door’ through the density and into presence. If you are not sure what that is, ask the universe and you will be shown.
  • 5. Feel the light of the soul: when you’ve stepped into the sense of presence, then you are really processing and letting go of the density – it is like you are stirring the bed of the stream in which the nuggets of soul gold have become buried. Now you will be able to see and feel the glint of the soul as it is being liberated. It will be a sense of lightness, completeness, confidence, strength, surrender; you may feel it as a light or warmth beginning to flow into the body, through the previous restriction. Now focus on, and give energy to, this new sensation. It is like pouring fuel on an igniting flame – it grows stronger.
  • 6. Dissolve the source pain: you are now ready to truly dissolve and fully release that aspect of source pain. Whilst staying in the sense of Pure Presence, intuit how your connection with your emerging soul, can best process the dense energy of the source pain. You have to remain soft and expanded, so that you do not tighten down out of the energy that causes the pain. So stay expanded through it, containing it within your consciousness, but then use whatever meditation comes to you to remove it. It could be a particular form of breathing, movement and dance, or it could be a visualisation. Let your intuition carry you – it already knows what best to do.
  • 7. Contemplate deeply any conditioned behaviours: the source pain will have built up conditioned behaviours (as spoken of in Gateway 2). Now deeply contemplate what conditioning – what distortions – the source pain has caused in your life. Maybe, for example, you were needy of others? Or perhaps too competitive and aggressive. See yourself within those behaviours, being totally honest with yourself about them (reminding yourself, if necessary, that you are not to blame for them). It can help to write them down in a journal.
  • 8. Visualise yourself interrupting the behaviours: in motivational and spiritual circles, people often speak of visualising the outcome or behaviour you would like to have happen. The risk is though, that this just becomes another level of programming. Instead, see yourself interrupting the behaviours that have emanated from the source pain. As you get increasingly sensitive, you will begin to actually feel the density and any fixed neural pathways. With a sense of surrendered will, you can begin to break these apart and literally dissolve them within.
  • 9. Become surrendered openness, attune to authentic beingness: as the density and conditioned behaviours have been dissolved inside, increasingly you settle into an awesome place of surrendered openness: you feel expansive, peaceful, whole and complete. You are now much more able to interrupt the old behaviours in daily life and open up through them. Spontaneous acts of authentic beingness then begin to magically flow through you, which are totally right and befitting of the moment. It is like you become less an identity, and more a moving flow of consciousness through life. This is pure joy of living! (I have written more about the qualities of authentic beingness that start to come through, and to which you can give energy, in Gateway 4).

Breaking through with 5GATEWAYS

If you're exploring with us 'through the ether, and you have any thoughts on this, or wish to understand any aspect deeper, then do ask. We can shed some further light.

Finally, anyone whose done an Openhand event, will know how we incorporate emotive music into the meditations to activate karmic source pain. One of the great sadnesses that came up yesterday, was the plight of sentient life on the planet. So we meditated deep into that, felt the sadness, and let go into it. It's all about becoming the One in the experience, so it no longer defines you. You can have the emotion, yes, but then let it flow through and out.

If you have sadness about what's happening to other sentient life, or any aspect of the shift, then it's absolutely fine to feel into and express it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your feelings. Instead of bottling them up, we just have to let them flow...

A big Heart full of love everyone.

Thanks for tuning in.

Open HeartHeartHeart