HI Open, Erin, Eddie <3),

What a beautiful video message...I especially loved this...

Your pockets, they can be empty, if your heart is full.

The Book can be unwritten, if you hold the pen.

The Path can be unclear, if you just trust yourself.

This is the lens that illuminates your world."

This is "it" ...and feel how closely the words "depressed" and "deep rest" are. I am finding that for me a depressed state comes when there is seeking a sense of worth, purpose, meaning on the external metrics and then concluding that it is a personal flaw that causes the inability to be at ease with or meet these matrices...what has been depressed is the authentic expression of the Soul. Tiredness fees like a natural felt experience to the subconscious efforting and yes it feels positive to recognize it. New layers are being seen and felt that were buried in a comfortable, yet stagnant reality.

 Deep rest in the Soul...feels like an untethering from the grip of self limitation...there are so many places this matrix lives inside ...Many sticky webs to dust off.  

Open you mentioned defining boundaries... I can see places/ways that I engage that are aligned with these metrics and why I have continued to engage in the ways I have...will take some inner purifying to unravel. Feeling how draining this is feels positive to me as well.

Holding the pen to the unwritten book gives such a sense of pure potential. 

The Sedona landscapes are calling...have put out feelers on that one =)

Big love,