This evening my wife and I decided to walk up the hill east of our house. It is literally right out our bedroom door. At the top of the hill we discovered that some branches had been cut from one of the trees. We soon discovered another and another and a whole path cut through the trees to our neighbors sons tree house. So I went inside and called Brad and asked him to come and see what had happened. He admitted that it was his kids that had done that. He then told me that he was having a rough time selling his house because the landowner Gary behind us has an easement to drive up his driveway. Then he proceeded to tell me that he was going to cut down all the trees and bulldoze a road through the hill right next to the property line about 80 feet from our bedroom window. I told him he had better get a surveyor out first. His response was "go fuck yourself" That of course increased the tightness in my lower abdomen to a high degree. I told him to have the best of luck and left. I came home and felt the tightness and thoughts of illegal and immoral things ran through my head like the heat from a blast furnace. Then I remembered what Open had said about in martial arts you can soften until your opponent has nowhere to strike. Then after a half hour or so I had a realization that I could just let the landowner behind both of us (Gary) have an easement across my land and there would be no need to cut the trees or bulldoze the hill. So I called him back and told him my idea and that it would save him thousands of dollars. His response was "why would you want to do that?" I told him that the hill meant more to me even though it was on his land than letting some one use my driveway. He called Gary and then told me it sounds like a go but Gary wants to think it over for a couple days.

So a little history on my situation.... When I bought this place from my best friend John in 2000 the easement was on my property. I asked him to switch it to his land the one where my current neighbor Brad lives so I could have my privacy. Then John and his wife sold the house in 2004 to a guy named Jeff. Jeff and his wife would drive their 4 wheeler all over my 20 acres even though I asked them not to. This happened repeatedly until I got really mad one day and said " what the fuck? do you not feel the need to respect my land and privacy" Then they sold to Brad in 2009 and he has lived there since. So there is a real history of neighbors that do not respect my boundaries!!!! And then it hit me. The universe was showing me a giant mirror of how I wasn't respecting boundaries of others. My friends, my wife, coworkers etc. and I was so blind!!!! So in the morning I will be calling Gary to see how he feels and in the meantime try to get some sleep and let go of the "need" for any particular outcome.... wish me luck? Eddie