The realizations are hitting hard and fast for me. My wife Tammy and Step Daughter Mary recently got back from Iceland. My daughter has been pushing the idea of mother/daughter tattoos for over a year now. I felt like she was lifting her leg and pissing on her mother to mark her territory by pushing this. I of course resisted very strongly. Mary wanted them to get them in Iceland as a way to remember their trip. When Tammy finally decided to go ahead I had done some processing of my control issues and had partially let go. I LOVE the fact that my wife had the strength to follow her heart even if i did not agree. I also realized that i had always wanted to get inked but was Shit scared of getting a pathogen and the whole experience of tattoos. This fear dates back to my early twenties. I also realized that I have to deal with this head on and get one. I had initially pondered a reminder of my soul family connections. I was driving the other day and realized that no matter how much i projected shit toward my brother or how mean I was he always loves me unconditionally. for 42 years i was trying to control him and he never gave up on me. Then it hit me "Johnny Loves..." That is what I am getting but it is for me and him so it will be in Cryllic letters. Phonetically spelled Джянни Любит… It feels right. I have always Loved him too but refused to show it and covered up my true feelings with a control agenda. The whole situation with Tammy getting tattooed is also control on my part. Mary is just mirroring me. Bless her!!! I love them all more than ever and couldn't be happier!!! At the same time My solar plexus and sacrum are in constant knots as this unfolds the old patterns are coming to light and it hurts like HELL!!! I am Happy and Sad at THE SAME TIME!!! both emotions in fact a full range of emotions are flowing in what feels like multiple simultainious flows. It is very strange and unsettling at the same time. gtg for now Hugs and love to everyone!!!