Gwen hi,

This is such a powerful sharing - thank you. I have been working within the mental health sector for a few years now but my approach is 'out of the box'. Kind of like the vibe I feel you are emanating when you talk about your relationship and exploration to the trauma/s you have experienced.

Yes, I feel the same when you say:

What I believe happens is that a part of the soul splits off during a traumatic event, and I realise how much of my life I have spent not fully in my body and disassociated. Through becoming aware of how much I am in my body in each moment, I can now literally feel when I am triggered and my soul leaving to some degree. 

There is also some very good Somatic Experiencing related research on trauma that supports this, which is a blessing considering the stereotypic medical systems we find ourselves in.

Your exploration into the Shamanic way to mental health reminded me of the very recent film called CrazyWise. Here is the link and I would highly recommend it if you havent watched it yet. It really speaks to the way you are living your exploration and it certainly speaks to millions of people who find themselves confused with these experiences and the ignorant dominant medical system we are part of.

I feel there is a lot of awareness in encountering your karmic journey, which is a great advantage. There is clarity in the processes and a willingness to meet this journey in a way that will create Freedom. For me, this is to be valued and cultivated. It is also these Soul qualities that point towards who you are. May I encourage you to 'see' these qualities in you and recognise that they do point towards who you are - right now and every moment. So when the space is created for you to step forth to 'become one with the 'actual' experiences' - not in the mind (memory) but in the body/sense/energetics - the determination, clarity and deep understanding will hold you steady and safe. I have also found from personal experiences that the safety of group and 121 retreats for deeper inner work is very important.

I like what you say that the trauma is the one side of the coin. The other side is liberation, the emergence of the Soul.  They go together indeed. This means that you are Already and Always your True self, nothing and no-one can take this away - its a birthright!  You/we just need to remember it, and the traumas in our lives are the gateways. Gateways to re-discovering Love, Freedom and Truth and fully express them despite and because/through the pain.

Sending heartfelt love Heart