Hi Gwen - nice to "see" you again on the shores of Openhand Praying Emoji

I do feel for your experience, and I completely honour it. And I've seen countless people who've experienced similar, and even worse. Although each of our experiences of course is unique to us, and is particularly impactful for us. In such circumstances, one person might be more affected by the sense of betrayal, and the explosion of trust (where a parent is concerned), for example.

I've witnessed many ways in which such conditions are dealt with in society, and within the spiritual mainstream. To me, many seem like various levels of 'reframing' the circumstance, which are essentially various levels of reality avoidance, suppression or denial. To me, and in our work here at Openhand, there is only really one approach which is likely to lead to lasting healing: this is the integration of soul fragmentation that might still be stuck in the original circumstance. Which means to progressively allow yourself to regress back into the situation. But as we do so, it is essential to consider, and have awareness of, some key considerations about the nature of reality and how it is formed - who are we in relation to it? Why does reality happen the way it does?

Then the biggest question of them all: why did YOU manifest the situation? Why did YOU create it.

It becomes utterly essential to work to realise that we are the master creators of everything that happens to us - we draw all circumstances by the law of attraction. Why would we do that? What is the purpose?

This in itself is a deep, deep inquiry, that we have to be ready for, to own, and take responsibility of. Without that, we'll continue to be the victim, and maintain the perceptions that things are being 'done to us'. Then we'll remain in the cycle of trying to 'fix things' as opposed to working to realise why they happened in the first place.

Why would my soul create the situation?

Maybe for example, to come to know myself not as the victim of reality, but as the One, with reality happening within you?

Imagine you take a glass of fresh mountain water and fill it half full. Then you fill the rest with salt. It would taste pretty foul and be difficult to drink. But now I take the same amount of salt, and throw it into the lake from where the water originally came. I let it dissolve and then drink from the lake - you wouldn't notice the salt at all. 

As the One, everything is happening within you - whole planetary systems come and go, whole civilisations begin and end. And every single experience is but a transient passage of time - an illusion of reality.

When I allow myself to become the One, who I truly am, then any experience becomes possible to tolerate, to allow. 

Now here's the thing - to get to that state, I'm going to need to challenge all the labels, conditions and judgments that fix me into the small "I" victim identity. And the only way to do that, is to turn into them and confront them. The ego will not want to do this. The identity might have owned the victim state for example and be gaining attention from it - a replacement of the perceived lack of love. But at some point, I must come to the realisation and acceptance of the journey back to the One, where everything is me, and of me, and which is the only thing truly going on. Then I become able to deal with anything that shows up - anything that I manifest.

So the key is to allow oneself to turn into all experience, and through surrender, to master it, by complete acceptance of it. But this is not just an intellectual acceptance - it has to be something I realise by allowing myself to regress into the situation and fully feel through it - it's only then that I explode the story about it that I hang onto - the one that continues to feed my ego.

So we have to be sure we're truly ready to go there - to be ready to move beyond the small "I" identity.

Wishing you well.

Open Praying Emoji