Hi Open

Thank you for the welcome and the insight.

Yes, it is broken trust - the feeling, the gateway. Which extends to 'do I trust in the one'. I just keep recreating the same 'story' with different people, in lesser or greater degrees. I had a pretty vivid PTSD episode last summer, something happened that triggered the memories, feelings of the rape. I would say the effects were close or very similar to a psychosis. After this event, I started getting the flashbacks as I had no recollection of it until then, as it happened at a very young age. I believe they are happening because I am ready.

It's interesting how I had 'forgotten' and only by taking a journey right into the 'story' of my childhood and other lives, feeling all of the pain, inner child work. shadow work etc. Did I then start recalling these memories and feelings. The flashbacks are more emotional flashbacks than images. Although I do get impressions.

It feels like a death. That there is no safety in the world. No one to trust. Like I will be murdered and powerless.

It is challenging this core feeling. The breathwork I have done over the last years, where I saw and felt other lives and see the connections. Its a similar thread that runs through everything.  But on the other side of the regressions, a portal into deep awareness, wisdom. 

Events in my life recently have also meant I have had to face to some degree the 'fear of death'.

I really liked the salt water analogy. 

Thank you