I felt strongly to put this article out today, and was given to do so in conjunction with Gaia and all those in the realms working toward the shift.

I know that very recently my own Ascension back into the Higher Paradigm has begun. Whilst running the 5GATEWAYS retreat in Halifax, I was staying in a basement room, which was partially underground - I felt a deeper sense of connection to Gaia and what's happening with the shifting tectonic plates. And then my own shift to 18 hour a day intermittent fasting triggered an expansion of consciousness, which was reflected strongly into the outer world through synchronicity.

I incarnated 16 years ago in 2002, drawn from the higher dimensions to help illuminate these crucial transformations that are taking place on the Earth. I have no idea how long it will take for Gaia to complete the shift into 5D, but I know my journey is closely connected to that timeline (more an event line). I would say it's unlikely we have longer that a few decades, so it's essential that the journey of soul integration and evolution becomes our daily focus.

Everyone in the Openhand Team is there to support the shift, and will do so as long as possible.

Open Heart