Great list! I can add a few more points that I am seeing popping up and following:

1. With all this quickening, still not forgeting to relax, trust, surrender and enjoy the ride (the tough one too), because otherwise there might be too much tightness that will create friction rather than lubrication. To me, when things get tougher, these are more of use than pushing it forwards. Slower is somehow always quicker (and there is muuuch more time in a minute than a rushing mind is used to think).

2. To take the necessary steps, including those that may look "spiritually incorrect", and, in general, remove agendas, ideas, ideals, rigid recipes and cookbooks, because maybe where the work and the gift and the service are (all of them in one) is actually where the taboo is, and there is no taboo that doesn't request to be blown, in all aspects, and now especially, and especially spiritual ones. All means can serve, if worked with in a right way and under higher guidance.

3. To not forget to move out of the way and let the universe do its thing through us and do our thing to serve the universe. Because if we're too worried about our own "skin" and acting out of that, we might miss the idea that being ready, willing and open to perish can open doors that are closed otherwise. While it is vital to stay alive to serve, it is rather inhibiting and possibly detrimental to fight for survival only for the sake of survival itself.

4. In my personal work, I am invited to make sure I don't own "it" and don't take credit for "it", whatever it is, as well as not being overtly dramatic or "action"-driven. It all comes from something bigger than me. So all the heroism kinda fades away and I find myself back in simplicity, openness and humility. I guess for me "loud words" are over. I'd rather bow, in all ways and senses. So to me this one is something to remember at every moment, to give in and make myself always smaller than the big thing. The point is working to NOT OWNING the path or the soul or the light or the process or how I deal with it or not or energies or realisations or... whatever. None of it is mine.

5. Whatever the process is, grounding is always important, and now I feel it becomes super-important. All kinds of energies flus in and will flux in more when the field will go into turmoil. So there is a gym opening now, a gym of critical grounding, clearing energies and placing nice defences (no fear), more than before. Everybody is invited hhh

6. In addition to tribe, I feel there is an invitation to more love. More love than ever. Love for benevolent, for malevolent, for life, for death, for people, for evolved, for not evolved, for construction and destruction, for everything and everywhere. As if it all intermixes and asks to go back to the oneness at least in my own heart. Whatever else I still didn't make peace with in my heart, whatever else I can't justify and feel love for and can't connect to the source, is calling to do so. If I can love what is happening, despite feeling whatever it is I am feeling and go back to smiling and seeing the light in it, if I can open to it and stay open and innocent with it, then something, again, bigger than me, can flow in and do its thing. LOVE combined with openness and humility, to me, is the only thing that ever did the trick.

7. With that, despite the direction of condensation into tribes (individualism is seemingly over), but at the same time, establishing more internal sovereignty on the soul level. No clinging, bending and betraying the soul, especially not out of fear or any need (this trap opens wide open). It is okay to need things, but it is not okay to sell the soul for them, not even for life itself.

8. Welcoming and embracing the process, appreciating the beauty, even if it is fading. This kind of process happened a lot already and it is happening again, so... be it. We're cooperating with and celebrating what is (including the dark and sad stuff we cry and feel sorrow about). It is still beautiful, the destruction and death are too. Singing in unison with it is a better eulogy than dramatic and anxious whining, to me, plus, it lets the light in, that always does a better job in aligning, unwinding, comforting and seeing off than any of my human mumblings.

9. Non-intervention. It is vital to not become another form of intervention, even if it seems benevolent and helpful (tricky piece of karma, old cosmic karma that is). What I use is the law of response to never interfere unless I am directly asked to and the action flows through without needing to intentionally force or think about it. In other words, good intentions suck. Not knowing and being ready to not interfere, save, reach out, all that stuff... It is a lesson of not letting compassion drive us too much or swallow our consciousness, and not get lost in our seeming roles and purposes. Residing at rest within to me is the ultimate state of being before action. But that means containing a lot of tension and energies and working through them until something comes out of silence, contentment, peace and love. Intervention, in whatever form, means not being in peace with what is happening. We see and can feel it all and still not interfere and let the job be done through us. It is an old lesson of non-identification while fully feeling and acting.

10. Remembering that all the work is done within rather than without. Trying to fix things out there (including smoothening distortions in the field, trying to kill entities in it, supporting the earth, saving or needing to correct humanity, and, in general, any kind of projection of internal darkness onto external reality) should be over at this point. If I see darkness to "clean", clear, change, etc out there - I see my own darkness to work with within, period. It will not be solved by fighting windmills out there that were created to reflect where I fail to see the purity of the origin so it can melt back into oneness in love. Time to get real. And, anyway, this is the only thing that really unites the polarities back into one and lifts and clears the field, clearing my own blindness and bullshit which is.

11. Being sure of not being sure. There is one thing I've learned in my process so far - is that I never know 100% and things can turn and twist in every moment in the direction I couldn't foresee. So with everything that I may feel and think I know and am sure of in the moment, I work to not let the mind build patterns and extrapolate it into the future, because the future is ultimately always unknown (reality proved it many times already).

In general, in my feeling, it is time to move out of the way...

These are some of the things that I see and work with.

There are more, but that will do for now :)