Hi Lia,

It's always illuminating watching your process - clearly some intriguing inquiries.

You said...

Non-intervention. It is vital to not become another form of intervention, even if it seems benevolent and helpful (tricky piece of karma, old cosmic karma that is). 

Yes, a 'tricky piece of karma'. And there's an inverse mirror to that - "not doing anything at all". I see reality kind of like a cake - you need a good raising agent (a catalyst) and a good binding one (an empath). Without either, there's no cake. The metaphor invites each to be his/her own - who you are in the fullness - not denying anything. It helped me to remember the chemistry: a catalyst does not change the course of a reaction, nor the outcome, it only speeds things up. So fully aligned action, together with self-reflection to become increasingly aligned, will steer past intervention.

You then said...

Trying to fix things out there (including smoothening distortions in the field, saving or needing to correct humanity should be over at this point.

I find it the natural and authentic to want to help humanity and to help release/smooth distortions in the field - it feels a natural part of my being. Maybe you're not appreciating that possibility behind the lens that you're personally looking through.

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