Hi Open

Thank you for the inverse mirror. Indeed...Finding the middle line is always a bit of alignment within the deviations.

About humanity, empathy and compassion can be there. What I meant is that it can easily turn into intervention if it makes one lose center, identify with it and get lost in a savior complex. The point is that empathy can turn into a hook that pulls out, cause to interfere and create more turmoil, as well as diminish, lower, disempower and deviate people from the work they need to do on their own, as well as taking credit for the shifts.

In my feeling, if I just follow and make sure I do the right thing, internally or externally, it will contribute better than anything intentional or coming out of my personal reaction to what I observe or feel.

I use your tip a lot, the one that says that I can sit and feel the other person’s need, expectation, suffering. I can empathise, feel compassion or whatever else I feel, but then I watch the leaf moving or the sky and I stay still until the action arises or something to say comes out.

This is what I mean. Hope it is clearer now :)