In direct  connection with the volcanic activities going on in Hawaï , the flow directed me yesterday evening to 

a wonderful BBC documentary about Mexico . I rarely watch TV but at times , important informations / signs & synchronicites appear over there as well - specially if related to the actual shift taking place and its new phase . The title of the Series is called " Mexico , Earth's festival of life " and part 1 was mainly focused on Mountain's rich diversity of plants & animals . It was exceptionally well done with amazing  aspects of Mother Earth treasures still well preserved - especially along that long Mountain chain that we may know as the Sierra Nevada/Snowy mountain range  or Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt . It extends across Mexico for roughly 559 miles up close to Mexico City. This volcanic range boasts many peaks that remain snow-covered all year long.  It ranges from west to east from the states of Jalisco to Veracruz jutting northward and southward as it traverses the central country from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea , Home to extraordinary forests and captivating views . The Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt is made up of more than twenty volcanoes as well as hundreds of vents. The Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt contains many different types of volcanoes such as huge stratovolcanoes and silicic calderas; in the south near the Guatemalan border, there are basaltic volcanic fields.  The belt, regarded geologically as a Neogene continental arc, likely began to form roughly twenty-three million years ago.

They showed how men (Local Rangers living in that Mountainous region ) nature and animals such as Black Bears learned to live in exceptional harmony all the time which is pretty rare to see on that magnitude . Breathtaking to watch . 

What struck me deep was when they came up with that specific unique Volcanic Belt - which is absolutely huge and indeed , at some point , surrounds the region of Mexico city  . I had never heard of it neither seen how that immense region looked like  but felt like there might be a subtle & concrete underground connection to the Hawaï volcanic islands . So i went to google maps and suddenly realized that indeed , it seems that The Mexican volcanic belt is exactly on the same latitude as Hawaï - how synchronistic !!! It may not mean that new volcanic activities will start on that long belt following Hawaii's recent eruptions  but it well might be the case later on . We will see what happens . I know i was not given to watch that documentary just for its sheer beauty but for something else . I often receive premonitory informations about whats about to take place .  A Great example of that is last Year's summer : while crossing London on my way back to Belgium , my attention was drawn to a very unique sign that puzzled me for a while . I had to wait until August to understand the premonitory deep sense of the message . The sign came in the form of a famous Phrase used by the Astronauts of Appollo 13 when they started to have a serious problem on board  which was  " Houston , we have a problem " . It was impossible for me to intuit what that was about until i saw the Huge floods in Houston taking place in August - one month later !!! 

Synchronistically , i stumbled up on the latest Trailer of the upcoming chapter of the Jurassic Park movie series called " Fallen Kingdom " out in June . The main theme goes around a **Volcanic eruption ** on the Island & they need to save some of the species left .