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Wow Jean! This is VERY interesting!

The connection between the volcanic belt in Mexico and the Hawaii volcanic islands speaks to me about how interdependence exists on ALL levels. The landscape sounds SO epic! Especially the way you describe it. Its funny because last night, in the early morning hours I had a dream about the Amazon. I am dreaming a lot at the moment, partly I think because of the longer fasting window I am in. I had visions of harmony between animals, plants and humans and a journey (my own) facing death, surrendering and being loved by Nature and animals at the moment of death. Exquisite!

The way your premonitions unfold is fascinating. So much happening with Earth right now and a few environmental scientists are convinced there is no way back. Not only that but the collapse is multilevelled and interrelated (source: Scientific American):

Meadows (an environmental scientist)  holds that collapse is now all but inevitable, but that its actual form will be too complex for any model to predict. "Collapse will not be driven by a single, identifiable cause simultaneously acting in all countries," he observes. "It will come through a self-reinforcing complex of issues"—including climate change, resource constraints and socioeconomic inequality. 

The inquiry is how do we dance this apocalyptic tune and why?...