Hi Open, as you know I've mentioned that I have difficulty putting thoughts to paper. I'm trying this new program that showed up in my email when I arrived home after the amazing 5 day retreat with you lovely Souls. I will have to do this one at a time. 
1.Expansiveness, timelessness and peace: This I experience all the time. I do experience this out in The Matrix when I meet somebody that I feel is connected, when driving and all the time when I am out in nature. 
2. Interconnectivity, love for sentient life:This is an easy one for me. My feeling does includes all matter on this planet and if I allow it, it extends far and beyond, there is no limit. 
3. Signs and synchronicity: For me the signs create the questions and the synchronicity is the Wow, when it makes sense. 
4. Density, karma and challenge: This one is a tough one for me. Family and close personal friends that are not open to my experience seem to be  trying to pull me back into the Matrix. I feel this is because I am resisting being pulled back. I feel here I am back in University trying to answer one question when answering more than one. 
5. Pulled in two different directions: I sense I have answered some of this one above. I do feel this pulling both directions and know that the new paradigm is the stronger pull and the one that just feels right. I guess the problem here for me is the letting go of the old me. I am not sure if this is a need to be right or wrong or controlling. I sit with this one and keep it close, awaiting an answer but maybe that's the wrong thing. Just let go. 
6.Death of the Ego: I will have to sit with this one. For when I am alone or around people who are awakened to the shift the ego seems to be  non judgmental most of the time. The feeling of dying is when the ego is activated. If that makes sense. 
7. Feelings of depression, disconnection and hopelessness: I sense a candle in the window with this one, not knowing what that means. 
8. Feeling the need to purify: Fasting and meditating are things that I have done in the past, not knowing why but with a feeling of rightness. Deep consciousness body works, I feel I need to work on. 
9.Desire to change location and living circumstances: I remain open to this one. I have been feeling a need to relocate for some time now and have been asking myself, am I running away or running to something. 
10.Redefining and realigning relationships: For me this one here comes to me quite clearly, there is a tightness in what is called Chit Chat and feels to me like static and very uncomfortable. It seem to be getting easier to be with this as the uncomfortable feeling eases. 
11.Increased creativity: Having an awareness of the pull made this one easier for me. Creativity always one of my strong suits. The difference now is, it is all made with love. 
12.Uncovering your divine purpose: Yes at first there was a yearning to know my divine purpose and now I am it. 
13.Increased Multidimensionality: There was an awareness of 2 worlds not 1. Since the retreat however it feels like there is an unlimited amount of worlds, if that makes sense. 
14.Activation of Kundalini: This one is very strong with me. 
15.Higher Self and Twin Flame occurrences: I do feel a connection with my higher self and as for twin flame occurrences I feel this one will be revealed when it is time. 
16.Prophetic dreaming and visioning: I am somebody that dreams a lot and can have several dreams in one night. I believe that the answers to these dreams will come when the time is right or not. 
17.Entering the Void: I felt this one with no understanding, until being at the retreat and for the first time embraced it with no questions just pure rightness.  
18.A feeling of wanting to go home: Yes yes yes yes 
19.Yearning to find your 'tribe' or soul family: For now I feel I have found my tribe and my soul family and it is here within the Open Hand community. 

Much much Love and gratitude 

PS; Just a drop in my proverbial bucket
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