Im feeling quite dense and heavy for the last couple of days. Part of the reason is that i had too much family time, get-togethers and i also played football in heavy rain after a long break. So my body is also reacting back which leads me to the question Is the feeling of density due to the shift or because i behaved a certain way in the 3d? Or does it overlap? Of course there is no way to know the consequence of my action prior ,so its largely unavoidable. I feel the need to sleep all the time or just curl up in bed with a book. Yesterday i was reading a book and contemplating about this and the next page of the book synchronistically opened up to the sentence "Vulture is a bird of patience". Just what i needed to hear. Today i remembered what Open talks about in the book Breakthrough how the mind wants to form an idea around illness and thus stay in that place. SO i took all my willpower to do an hour of yoga whist honouring my body which meant doing only light exercise like suryanamaskar ,pranayama etc. The opening up of blockages and density was very palpable. At exactly 11:11 i received a message today which read : Bring peace, love and success in your life.