With all this energy that is floating around, with all this leap of Gaia's and the collective consciousness, it is only natural and inevitable that our bodies will begin to reflect that change.

The changes in our frequencies affect the hormones, the nervous systems, producing symptoms such as fatigue, flu-like conditions, etc. Well, that’s not all. With the energetic shifts and letting go of the old constructs your body’s structures would most likely want to shift as well. Yes, your bones, joints, muscle and fascia tensegrity, even your organs might be wanting to find a better position. In the last few weeks every client I’m seeing undergoes letting go, expansion, sutures decompression in their craniums. Literally everybody. It might be unnerving to suddenly feel your temporal bones move like gills or feel your facial bones rearranging. All this and more is an expression of health! Your head is not a fixed structure. It actually consists of a number of bones and joints to accommodate a variety of cranial rhythms. You actually want your structures to be flexible and mobile to allow for better fluid and energy flow. Since there is some fear around our bodies shifting around I’d like to list the sensations I’m aware of when a person’s cranium is gaining mobility and rearranging:


  • feeling of the temporal bones (around your ears) moving like gills
  • ringing, swooshing in the ears
  • feeling like your head is rhythmically expanding and contracting (these are usually 20s cycles)
  • sense of release – heavy energetic implants may be coming off or becoming more “visible” to you; if that happens, just orient your awareness towards it and follow the Openhand process
  • a sensation of moving face while at rest (remember, all your structures affect one another, so to accommodate your crown chakra opening the top sutures will possibly decompress triggering other structures to find a more optimal state of balance)
  • sensation of bulging of the eyes and third eye images
  • sensation of “brain kneeding”
  • pressure, tingling in the third eye
  • sense that the cranium bones are actually flexible membranes (if you are feeling this, you might be tapping into your embryonic consciousness -> it’s always a wonderful resource to feel into your original state and the process of your creation!


In general what I do in the case of a physical reorganization is to allow it to do what it needs to, despite the temporary discomfort (it doesn't have to be uncomfortable, sometimes our concept of change carries a belief that with a change comes pain). There is an inherent wisdom in our bodies that always seeks the optimal balance for us. Arrange for a quiet time for yourself, slow way down, come into the present moment. Welcome all sensations as the emissaries of your aliveness. Then bring in more awareness about the structures that you feel are shifting, at the same time connect to the oneness within you, hold your attention on the body as a whole, feel its outline, the weight, the sensory input, feel how everything is connected. You may be interested in looking at some anatomy drawings and feel into the quality of different systems, without needing them to shift, just observe. There is usually fear present when we feel our physical structures shifting without manipulation or our conscious intention. There does not need to be. Trust your body and allow the process.


2 nights ago as I was trying to fall asleep I felt my head changing its shape, opening so wide. There was no stretching or tingling, it became open wide, just like that… it just transformed into a chalice (for 2 days I’ve been walking around with a chalice, not a sphere on the top of my body… so weird). The first impression was that the surface of that chalice was a starry sky, then it became a calm surface of a deep lake reflecting the starry night. A rather wonderful experience that brought in pressure along the temporal sutures and the top vertebrae, but it’s all good.