Thanks for sharing these remarkable expereinces Margaret - and an essential addition to the 19 symptoms above - I can see I'll have to add that to my list! Thumbs Up Sign

Many of the changes you described happened to me too, just some considerable time ago, and so I'd forgotten about them. For me, what you describe, defines the body realigning itself from the intervention energies and configuration - the body wanting to return more to its Original Human form. Meditation - and especially the Openhand Bow - channeled light into all of the various places of the body and helped to restructure it.

Another thing that I do remember happening, was a realignment of the brain too. After completing a series of Bow's, I could feel the left and right side of the brain 'knitting together', the field between them regenerating itself. It was clear to me, that during the intervention, there had been a synthetic dividning separation encoded into the genetics - to separate the intuitive higher dimensional aspect from the logic based lower dimensional ones.

And there's another to come in regards diet: at the moment, I feel myself in a hybrid state between living on light and eating food. I can feel that my body is processing light from the field quite easily. I still also process energy from food, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to harmonise the two - because of the general toxicity in food these days, it's difficult to find a harmonious balance. I'm exploring that with intermittent fasting right now - a fascinating inquiry indeed (more to follow).

The shift intrige deepens!

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