Hi Open,
Yes, the body is our great ally and that is precisely why it was tampered with! Also, the changes to our bodily vehicles are a reflection of Gaia's shifts (all that lava brings up for me the sensation of the cerebrospinal fluid). 
You said:
“For me, what you describe, defines the body realigning itself from the intervention energies and configuration - the body wanting to return more to its Original Human form.”
Yes, I see that too. Totally. In my view at the moment the intervention feels like fragmentation, separation, and adding on heavy material (blockages). With that done to our DNA, no wonder our perception became fragmented as well. What you call the Original Human form I call the Original Blueprint. It is the part of us that hasn’t been tampered with, because it doesn’t reside on the same level. It is the force behind the current spontaneous realignments.
The body carries all the information encapsulated in the genetic coding, the wisdom we accumulated over the previous incarnation, the whole mystery of creation. It’s all there! I think that is why the whole “you are not your body” movement was created – to stir us away from the gift of embodiment... In my understanding at the moment, I’m not the body, but the body is an expression of my divine nature. It is the technology we’ve been waiting for, a potential gateway to a deeper awakening. So, what happens if we treat it this way? Incredible things can happen, my friends. I could probably write a book on the variety of shifts I witnessed in people who allowed their bodies to become their allies.  
Diet is another interesting topic… I’m very curious about your inquiry on harmonizing between light and plant diet. It is so wonderful that you feel the nourishment coming from light. It is touching for me. Like a memory of long time ago when that was the natural way we all were. Feeling into the endocrine system might be of support for that kind of shift (hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenals), also, tuning into, feeling your DNA dynamics (the key to bringing consciousness to the endocrine system is tuning into the intracellular fluid space). I’m obviously a big body-geek, hahaha! I just can’t stay away from the opportunity to share about it. But I just see how much amazing potential we have by just checking back into our physical form and allowing for the transformation. Man, the sky is the limit!
PS: Enough momentum has gathered for me to write an actual coherent 1-piece blog post (an article) about embodiment, the hows, the whats, the wows, etc. I’ll send it to you and if you feel it’s aligned with the Openhand work at the moment, I’ll be happy to share it here.